Regular Servicing

How do i book my appointment for Regular Servicing for my Car ?

Give us a call at +022 400 20 191 or mail us at support@mycargenie.com
Our Automobile experts at My Car Genie will consult you based on your car, for the servicing required and book your service request in your neighborhood!
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What is regular Servicing ?

A complete check up of your car , which involves
  • Checking air filter
  • Checking oil filter ( & replacing oil if needed )
  • Diagnosis of the vehicle to check if there is any issue
A full analysis report is provided to you of all the things checked.
Note:- the number and kind of things checked during analysis are based on the car type & brand

Why Should i get regular servicing done?

Advantages of regular servicing are
  • It increases the performance of the car
  • Is a precautionary measure to avoid heavy costing services that need to be done later
  • It increases the life of the car
  • It increases the lifestyle of the car as well - Smooth drive , better A/c function, enhanced safety etc